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BBCode for forum

Jun 14, 2014 at 2:13 PM
Is it possible to create a bbcode so I can play VK videos in my forum?

Here's an example of what I need to do this, I'll use the bbcode for Google videos...this is a proven and useable bbcode...

This is the BBCode usage. Here you define how to use the BBCode. Replace any variable input by the corresponding token:


This is the HTML replacement. Here you define the default HTML replacement. Do not forget to put back tokens you used above:

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="{NUMBER}" width="400" height="326"><param name="movie" value="{NUMBER}" /><param name="allowScriptAcess" value="sameDomain" /><param name="quality" value="best" /><param name="bgcolor" value="#FFFFFF" /><param name="scale" value="noScale" /><param name="salign" value="TL" /><param name="FlashVars" value="playerMode=embedded" /></object>

This is the Help line. This field contains the mouse over text of the BBCode:

Enter the video ID number -- the video ID is a 18 digit number is after docid=- in the URL
This is the token information from my forum for your reference:

Tokens are placeholders for user input. The input will be validated only if it matches the corresponding definition. If needed, you can number them by adding a number as the last character between the braces, e.g. {TEXT1}, {TEXT2}.

Within the HTML replacement you can also use any language string present in your language/ directory like this: {L_<STRINGNAME>} where <STRINGNAME> is the name of the translated string you want to add. For example, {L_WROTE} will be displayed as “wrote” or its translation according to user’s locale.

Please note that only tokens listed below are able to be used within custom BBCodes

Token What can it be?
{TEXT} Any text, including foreign characters, numbers, etc… You should not use this token in HTML tags. Instead try to use IDENTIFIER, INTTEXT or SIMPLETEXT.
{SIMPLETEXT} Characters from the latin alphabet (A-Z), numbers, spaces, commas, dots, minus, plus, hyphen and underscore
{INTTEXT} Unicode letter characters, numbers, spaces, commas, dots, minus, plus, hyphen, underscore and whitespaces.
{IDENTIFIER} Characters from the latin alphabet (A-Z), numbers, hyphen and underscore
{NUMBER} Any series of digits
{EMAIL} A valid e-mail address
{URL} A valid URL using any protocol (http, ftp, etc… cannot be used for javascript exploits). If none is given, “http://” is prefixed to the string.
{LOCAL_URL} A local URL. The URL must be relative to the topic page and cannot contain a server name or protocol.
{COLOR} A HTML colour, can be either in the numeric form #FF1234 or a CSS colour keyword such as fuchsia or InactiveBorder

I hope this is clear, I am NOT a programmer, as you can probably tell.

Thank you,
Ken aka kilogulf59